Property management

For property managment we are providing custom Property content type. Property has a lot of custom fields. The most important fields are title (street), location, price and image. All other fields are optional but for better user experience we reccomend to fill all these fields. Longitute and latitude are quite important for user. With these two fields the user can see the exact position of property at the google map. Properties which have longitude and latitude are displaying in the big map on the homepage so user can see all properties on the front page. It is possible to set different currency for property (right now we are using euro). Just navigate to Structure - Content types - Property - Manage fields - Price and edit the prefix. This prefix is used by views all around the theme.

The property content type offers to set which amenities are included in the property. You can easily manage this list in taxonomy (Structure - Taxonomy - Amenities). Feel free to add or remove amenities.

Property gallery is included in theme too. You can see the Slideshow field in the property detail. This field is using kinda different image uploader. We installed the Mediabox which is bringing Wordpress like image library managment into the Drupal. 

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