Setting up carousel

The jCarousel module is most commonly used with the Views module to turn listings of images or other content into a carousel.

  • Install the Views module ( on your Drupal site if you have not already.
  • Add a new view at Administration -> Structure -> Views (admin/structure/views).
  • Change the "Display format" of the view to "jCarousel". Disable the "Use pager" option, which cannot be used with the jCarousel style. Click the "Continue & Edit" button to configure the rest of the View.
  • Click on the "Settings" link next to the jCarousel Format to configure the options for the carousel such as the animation speed and skin.
  • Add the items you would like to include in the rotator under the "Fields" section, and build out the rest of the view as you would normally. Note that the preview of the carousel within Views probably will not appear correctly because the necessary JavaScript and CSS is not loaded in the Views interface. Save your view and visit a page URL containing the view to see how it appears.

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